Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sorry everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted. What, with the holidays and figuring out details to my India trip, I just didn't get time to post. But, I've come back with images of our product that if you are interested in, you can email me for price points.

We had a great sale at the Creek and Cave and a few products leftover are featured below. All the products are hand block printed by either me or the wonderful family of Yasin Shahbuddin in India. They are 100% cotton using only vegetable dyes, NO CHEMICAL DYES. The process is very rigorous but evermore gratifying. I can't tell you the joy that comes by making these products using only what is natural in this world, not making the artisans sick, and not killing the beauty of our environment. The product is made with the hope that it will be loved as much as it was loved into creation.

After learning of the crisis the textile industry has created with it's fast fashion craze, I can no longer create product without thinking of where it has come from and where it might end up. I do not want products to end up in the landfill when they could easily be reused or recycled. Most of the fabrics that I printed, were printed on reclaimed fabric, that would have otherwise been dumped into a landfill, shipped off to a third world textile market, or exhausted the textile second hand market.

So, by buying this product, you would be making a conscious decision of what you buy and how you take care of it. This product is made with love and should be taken care of with love to. Be gentle with it's washes and if you do tire of it, give it another home or place it in a bag for recycling. A fact we don't know is, is that we can place all our textiles, whether it be clothing you are tired of or torn up rags, into the charity boxes we see on the side of the road. The charity in charge then rifles through those articles and places them in appropriate piles: recycle, re-use, or ship off.

So for 2011, let's all do our part. Let's buy with consciousness.